Which one should I choose? Kotlin or python?

30 Sep

After the release of the Kotlin language people from around the globe has become confused on what programming they should choose to learn? Is Kotlin is going to replace java and Python? Many people are revolving around these questions and they want to know about it better.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, many teaching and training of programming have become more common. Institutes are providing Python online training as well as for Kotlin also, which is new to the market.

If you guys are also confused between both Python and Kotlin then read the whole article and acquire the knowledge associated with it.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source free programming language that was originally designed to combine object-oriented and functional programming features with Android, which has a static "pragmatic" programming language. It concentrates on interoperability, security, clarity, and support for tools.

Kotlin was founded in 2010 at IntelliJ IDEA's JetBrains company and has been open source since 2012. There are currently more than 90 full-time members in the Kotlin team from JetBrains, with over more than 300 participants in the Kotlin GitHub project. In many of its products, JetBrains uses Kotlin.

What is python?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. Python is simple and easy to learn. The syntax of python is mainly focused to increase the readability of the language. People from any age group can learn python very easily as it is so simple as learning the English language.

Since this language is so easy and can be translated by anyone the cost of maintenance is reduced and we need not hire any skilled programmer to perform certain tasks.

Python uses packages and modules, In simple language, we can say that if you write a certain amount of code then what you can do is store it in the form of a module or package and later you can use it on some other program development.

What is the main difference between Kotlin and Python?

In comparison with Python, there is not much code right in Kotlin that makes it easier to learn Kotlin.

The program or product developed in Kotlin language can be used in nearly any device. It has more device support compared to Python.

The community of Python is larger than Kotlin as Python is an old programming language and if you would have any doubt at a certain point then solutions would be easily available on community websites.

The thing or basis that was missed by Python was all covered in Kotlin and that is the big reason why people are loving Kotlin.

Kotlin eliminates the coding error as compared to Python and that is why it would be easier to code in Kotlin language.


There are different benefits for both the language and releasing of Kotlin language doesn't mean that people should stop using Python language. It is suggested that people should learn Python and Kotlin will work as an extra additional knowledge that would be beneficial to solve the problem which cannot be solved by Python.

Choosing the language for yourself is completely based on individual choice, If you are a programmer and want your learning to increase in the field of programming then Kotlin would be best suited for you. Hope you enjoyed the reading and got answers to all your questions.

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